He’s in the bed inside the tiny house that he’s lived in since his birth. Without a miracle, it seems that he will soon die there. He has been in the same bed for weeks. The doctor has been by several times in that time frame. However, instead of getting better, he has increasingly gotten …

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The grim face of the Lieutenant Commander tells the story as he carries the motionless body of his commanding officer into sickbay. With a little extra effort, he manages to lift the captain onto the medical table. The Lieutenant backs out of the way as the emergency room medical staff converges on the critically injured …

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Fear Not!

At the time of this article, the world is in the midst of a Corona pandemic. News agencies report there are millions of people that are sick with the virus, and thousands of others are at risk of death. Russia has amassed thousands of troops along their border with Ukraine. The News reports that Russian …

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