GOD’s Will For Man Part #5

The Great Secret

In GOD’s Will For Man Part #4, Adam and Eve had just been evicted from their luxurious home, the garden of Eden, and forced to wander in a land that was less than hospitable. Satan was successful in causing the eviction of those who GOD placed in authority. Although Satan knew he won that round, there was still a lingering question, what does God mean that he will bruise his head and Satan will bruise his heel?

Unfortunately, many Christians give Satan more credit than he deserves. Satan is not omnipresent, meaning, he’s not everywhere at once. Also, Satan is not omniscient, meaning, he’s not all-knowing.

Is Satan intelligent? 

Yes, he is intelligent, however, his intelligence only comes from the time that he spent with God, and the thousands of years he had experienced with humans. The revelation he had, has been severed from God. He can only eavesdrop on the revelation that God gives mankind. I’m emphasizing this point because Satan can only try to guess GOD’s next move. Since he doesn’t know God’s plan, he must continuously improvise. Satan only knew that the seed of the woman was a man, and he would come from the lineage of Eve.

Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain, and Abel. When people hear the names Cain and Abel, the majority immediately say Cain killed Abel. However, Cain didn’t kill Abel until God approved of Abel’s sacrifice over Cain’s. Although the Bible doesn’t mention Satan being directly involved in Cain’s sin, we know he is the father of sin.

 I surmise that Satan used Cain to try and stop the seed of the woman.

As the earth’s population increased, the sons of God decided to have children with the daughters of men. Many Bible scholars believe the sons of GOD were fallen angels, and the children of those unions produced giants. That means the bloodline of the offspring between humans and the fallen angels would be tainted. The consequence of those unholy unions resulted in the earth becoming filled with violence. So, God decided to flood the earth, and start over with Noah.

After mankind began to reproduce on the earth, God decided to form a blood covenant with a man named Abram (Abraham). God told Abraham that his seed would be as the stars of the sky. After forming that covenant with GOD, Satan has attacked Abraham’s seed every chance he could get.

Now, let’s look at Abraham’s great-grandson Joseph. Joseph was blessed and highly favored by his father Jacob. One day Jacob made Joseph a beautiful coat of many colors. By openly showing favoritism toward Joseph, Jacob’s other sons became very jealous. Then, Joseph had a dream that revealed one day he would rule over his brothers.

That was the last straw!

The brothers were so jealous that they decided to kill Joseph. However, at the last minute, Reuben, the oldest brother, convinced the others to sell Joseph into slavery.

Joseph was taken to Egypt as a slave. He was sold as a slave to a military officer. Joseph had favor with his master, and he eventually worked his way up to running his masters’ house. Unfortunately, Joseph was falsely accused of taking advantage of his master’s wife and thrown into prison.

After spending many years in prison, Joseph was released after he revealed the answer to a dream Pharoah had. Seeing Joseph’s wisdom, Pharoah made him Prime Minister over Egypt. Ironically, the dream that caused his brothers to sell him into slavery many years before, came true. During a time of famine, Joseph’s family came to Egypt to purchase food. Since Joseph was the Prime Minister, they had to bow before him. Joseph later revealed himself to his family and invited them to stay in Egypt.

The children of Israel went from being honored guests in Egypt to slaves. After four hundred years in Egypt, God said that he would deliver Israel from bondage. Then, Pharaoh made a decree that all male Hebrew baby boys should be killed. However, Moses’ life was spared, and God used him to deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt.

You can see all through Hebrew history that whenever the hand of the Lord was upon a man, Satan would seek to destroy him. From David who went from being a hero to then being hunted by King Saul. To Elijah who prayed, and fire rained down from heaven. Then, he ran from Queen Jezebel because she said she would kill him. Also, remember the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who were thrown in the fiery furnace. These were all men of God, that Satan sought to destroy.

Let’s fast forward to John the Baptist. John was Jesus’ cousin, and he was born several months before Jesus. We know that Mary and Joseph took Jesus and fled to Egypt because King Herod put out a decree that all Jewish boys two years and under, were to be put to death.

However, people never mention John.

God had to deliver John from the hands of Herod as well, but the Bible doesn’t explain how.  When speaking of John, Jesus said that of “Men born to women, John was the greatest” until then. Satan then came after John through Herod. Herod later killed John the Baptist, after being requested by his stepdaughter.

For thousands of years, Satan tried to destroy any person he thought might be the seed of the woman. That’s because of God’s “Great Secret.” Who is the seed of the woman, and how will he defeat Satan? The answers to these questions are coming up. Stay tuned.

G. Edward Wyche

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