These days, there are many motivational speakers, wealthy people, and people of influence who are asked their advice on how to become successful? Oftentimes, their advice is to follow your passion.

What’s your passion?

Have you ever thought about what your passion is?

How do you follow your passion?

Let me tell you a story.

There was a farmer who was approaching middle age. He had been a farmer most of his life. He had been driving a tractor since his feet could reach the pedals, and the only vehicle he ever drove was a pickup truck.

One day the farmer decided that he wanted to build a fast sports car. He always dreamt that he would take the car to the drag racetrack and race other cars.

So, the farmer went to work on building a car. Just before the farmer was able to finish the car, he had to stop, because he needed a few expensive miscellaneous parts.

The car was drivable, and it ran very well, however it wasn’t quite ready for the racetrack. So, he parked the car in the garage.

Every day the garage door would open, and the pickup would leave. The sports car would watch as the pickup truck left the garage going out on one adventure after the other, hauling heavy parts or material around the farm.

The sports car was tired of staying in the garage all day. He wanted to be like the pickup truck.

So, one day he decided to load up his trunk with some heavy parts and drive around the farm like the pickup truck. Well, before the car could get out on the driveway, the rear axle broke, leaving the car stranded in the driveway.

The farmer, who was not happy, had the pickup truck tow the car back into the garage. It was months before the farmer could repair the broken axle, but after many months the car was able to run again.

During the waiting time, the car would watch the tractor out in the field plowing, mowing, driving through the dirt and mud.

The sports car thought since he couldn’t haul heavy material, at least he could do what the tractor does in the field.

So, one day, the sports car decided to venture out, into the field to drive through the mud. The small tires were no match for the thick deep mud, and the car got stuck.

Once again, the angry farmer had to tow the car back into the garage. Since this was the second time the car got out of the garage, the farmer decided to take the tires off the car.

As to be expected, the sports car was not happy, but what could it do?

Finally, the new expensive parts arrived, and the farmer installed them on the sports car.

Next, he installed the tires. Then surprisingly, the farmer actually sat in the car and started it up.

The car was at first startled by the unusual sound of the engine, but he kind of liked it. The car was even more surprised when the farmer drove him off the farm onto the road adjacent to the farm.

When the farmer hit the gas, the car’s engine revved, the car’s tires squealed, and the car took off like lightning. The farmer raced the car up and down the road several times. And when the sports car pulled back into the garage, both the tractor and the pickup truck were now looking at him. 

The very next day the farmer took the car several miles beyond the farm. The car had never been that far before, but he was excited.

As they pulled into the drag racetrack, the sports car saw other cars racing down the track at a high rate of speed, and he knew he could do that too.

Finally, it was his turn. The sports car pulled along another car on the track. The other car started revving his engine. So, the sports car revved his engine as well.

A couple of moments went by and suddenly the farmer hit the gas, and the sportscar took off.

At first, the two cars were neck and neck, but the sports car began to leave the other car behind. When the race was over, the sports car wanted to race again.

The sports car won all the races that day, and he went on to win the track racing title that year. From then on, the sports car never wanted to be anything else but a racecar.

Yes, I know, the story is a bit cheesy, but please get the message.

When people talk about their passion, they’re usually talking about something that gives them pleasure. But have you ever looked up the word passion in the dictionary?

I mean an older dictionary?

I have the pleasure of owning a Webster 1828 dictionary. The definition of passion has changed over the years. Years ago, the term for passion referred to mostly suffering.

Definition of “Passion” (Webster 1828 Dictionary).

“The impression or effect of an external agent upon a body; that which is suffered or received.”

Now the definition and the use of the word have been reversed. The term for passion can be either positive or negative, but it does not originate internally. It’s all external.

So, I must ask a question, if passions originate externally, then how do you control it?

You can’t!

You can put yourself in a position to receive passion, but you can not necessarily control it. Let’s use the story of the car as the first example.

The sports car’s passion was to first imitate the truck by hauling heavy material. The result was a broken axle.

Next, the car imitated the tractor. The result was that he got stuck in the mud.

The car put itself in a position to receive his passion. He received it and got the results that followed. However, the results were not what he was expecting.

Another example is people that are addicted to drugs. Drugs would be considered a passion. Most addicts will tell you that they keep chasing their first high. So, they keep using drugs, because they want to match the feeling that they felt the first time they used it.

Do they ever achieve it?


If you constantly follow your passion, you will always desire more, and never be satisfied.


Instead of chasing your passion, search for your purpose.

Definition of “Purpose” (Webster 1828 Dictionary).

“That which a person sets before himself as an object to be reached or accomplished; the end or aim to which the view is directed in any plan, measure or exertion.”

Your purpose was given to you by GOD. Your purpose is not only what GOD wants and expects you to do, but it is also what the world needs from you. Your purpose helps others in the world. It starts internally, and you express it externally.

GOD doesn’t make mistakes. You are needed at this time, and at this hour.

How do you find your purpose?

Usually, people seek books, expense programs, and even spiritual leaders to help find their purpose. Honestly, I have read some of those books and listened to some spiritual leaders to try and discover my purpose as well. Some of the advice is good, and other advice leads you back to chasing your passion.

There is only one way to determine your true purpose, you must ask GOD.

GOD is the only one who knows your specific purpose. HE’s the one who created you.

It’s like the farmer building the car. He knew what the car was intended to do. GOD knows what HE built you for and what HE intended you to do. HE knew you before you were in your mother’s womb.

And the Winner is Purpose!

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5 KJV).

 So, get before GOD and find out your purpose. It is the most important thing you can learn. And when you learn it, do what GOD tells you to do.

Finding your purpose from GOD, is the only way you will be truly fulfilled.

G. Edward Wyche

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